How To Make WoW Gold As A Shaman

Shamans are 1 of the hybrid classes of wow and as such have to have the right abilities to be effective in gold farming or even xp grinding.

Elemental has the downside of mana regeneration and no free drinking water like the mage class and also very limited AOE capabilities.

But the enhancement skilled shamans have on par DPS( Damage per second) with many classes and with some mana preservation and efficient heals they can reduce downtime to maximize hourly gold/xp work rates.

Best practice is to, if possible, find a good tight packed spot and place up some totems to which you are able to pull to. So set up the Strength of earth, grace associated with air and mana regeneration totems.
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Then use that as your foundation to pull mobs from. You can use rank 1 lighting bolt or complete rank if you don’t have any mana issues.

Using Stormstrike followed by earth shock gives you a nice little damage increase if you need it and your mana supply allows it. Dual wield is definitely the way to go over a 2h weapon but it will surely increase your DPS by quite a bit.

Super shield is a cheap way to raise DPS especially when talented for it. If you need mana use water shield obviously to keep it up. If you cant pull to 1 spot always use totemic recall if your using totems so you do not loose your mana.

Using these Mana conservation techniques and DPS boosting tricks you should be able to be on par with most other classes and in some cases even do better(especially at lower levels)

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