apple iphone 4 Repair – Understanding the Pros and Cons of Repairing the iPhone 4

The brand new iPhone 4 much like the older 3G and 3Gs iPhone has the ability to be fixed by a trained technician. Repair in the new iPhone 4 however is much different than previous versions such as the iPhone 3G and 3Gs models. The new apple iphone 4 is more closely related in general design to the 2G iPhone. To many the new design will be disappointing as it pertains time to do simple repairs because of the complexity and change in several key areas of the iPhone 4’s design. The most notable of concerns is replacing the Front Glass and Digitizer on the iPhone 4. The brand new design can be compared to the older 2G iPhone where the glass and Digitizer are fused to the LCD screen.
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Some iPhone 2G users who may have cracked their Front Glass in past times may have experienced a similar issue whenever trying to replace their Front Cup. For those users that crack their own glass on the iPhone 4 a full Front Glass and LCD replacement will most likely be necessary to make the repair correctly.

The Fused LCD on the new iPhone 4 poses a new hurdle while trying to replace the Front Glass. All of us believe Apple made the change to compensate for both space in the iPhone 4 as well as to eliminate the problem associated with dirt and debris from getting between the Front side Glass and LCD. Although this is good for the overall well being of the apple iphone 4 it proves to be a costly concern for those needing to replace the Front Glass and or Digitizer. New cup replacements on the iPhone 4 are going to range from $180-220 installed as the replacement components are much more expensive than just purchasing a brand new Front Glass and Digitizer. This really is primarily due to the need to replace the particular LCD screen. Labor time has furthermore taken a dramatic increase with the new design as much more time is needed to change out the front panel assembly on the iPhone 4.

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