Tips for Developing Your Own Fighting Spirit

“The mind is everything. What you believe you become. ” ~ Buddha

Legislation of Attraction states that “Like Attracts Like”. In other words, whatever is a vibrational match will be attracted to each other.

I experienced this first hand more than 20 years ago. Back then, I did not know about the Law of Attraction or the forces of the Universe. But Used to do know about the power of the mind because I had witnessed it first hand through my father as he was fighting not just one, but two terminal diseases. It takes an immense amount of mind manage to heal your body and I grew to become almost obsessed with finding out if an individual could actually heal themselves just by thinking about it.
It was 1988 and I got just lost my father to Cancer the year before and saw the particular horrible effects it had on his body. He went from being this larger than life, 210 pound. healthy man, to a 130 pound. weak and powerless shell of a person.

In 1973, he was diagnosed with scleroderma and was given six months to live. With an extreme amount of can and the power of his thoughts, he fought and won that battle in 1981. Unfortunately, he didn’t use his second chance at life to his advantage. He continued to live recklessly and 1986, attracted the disease that would ultimately take his life – Cancer.

I was so devastated by their loss and angry at your pet for not fighting harder. I mean, he had just beaten an extremely rare disease in which there is no cure for. So why did he not fight harder when he was diagnosed with Cancer? Why did he give up therefore easily?
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I asked him these types of questions 2 days before he or she passed away. He wasn’t able to verbally communicate with me because of all the tubes and machines that were hooked up in order to his body, but he could slowly shake his head “no” while tears were streaming straight down his cheeks. My interpretation of the was simply “I’m tired of fighting”.

He had always told me that he would not die in a hospital. He wished to die in the comfort of his own home and wouldn’t you know this, that’s exactly what he did.

The strength of the mind is such an amazing factor. He was able to convince the physicians to release him from the hospital for the morning of November, 27th, 1987. The medi-van driver was advised to follow him home and provide a supply of oxygen because of the cancer in his lungs. Before the van could pull into the driveway, my father experienced peacefully and quietly passed away while laying on the couch. He was not home 10 minutes before he handed down and he had fulfilled his want – he didn’t die in a hospital.

If you have any doubt concerning the power of the mind, reread the final paragraph!

This man, who’s lung area were covered in Cancer; who also had 17 malignant tumors on his brain, actually “willed” himself to become released from the hospital so he could die at home!

You may think I’m “crazier than a pet ‘coon” as my dad used to say, but crazy or not, his passing changed my life!

Enter the role of whatever it really is you want to become. Like an actor preparing for a performance, immerse yourself within it and you will become that person. You really can Think, Feel and Will your self into having, doing and being anything you want!

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