Women Sexuality – Here’s The Biggest Mistake 90% Of Men Make In Bed That Causes Women To Cheat

Here’s a fact about female sexuality that most men just don’t realize:

– Whenever women aren’t being sexually pleased, they will often CHEAT on their women to try and find a better lover.


That’s a painful experience for any man to undergo (if he finds out).

But the fact is that a happy woman is just not cheat. Women only cheat if they have a reason. And the reason why over 50% of women have ‘played away’ behind their man’s back is because the sex he was providing her was lame.

Listen up.

The truth is that the average man makes lots of mistakes in the bedroom.

He pushes foreplay.

He’s unimaginative.

He doesn’t talk dirty.

He doesn’t take control.

He doesn’t give his girl the kind of really naughty, dirty intercourse she really craves. “YES”, really — women want that kind of sex… but only with the right type of man.

But despite all those errors that guys make in bed (and there’s plenty more that could continue that list too) — there is certainly one mistake that is much worse than all the others put together.

And it is this HUGE MISTAKE that causes ladies to CHEAT.

Would you like to know what that will mistake is?

Okay, I’ll tell you… For more info in regards to kik finder look at the website.

The huge mistake that many men make that causes their women to cheat on them is not giving the girl vaginal orgasms during intercourse.

At this point, you may be wondering:

“What the heck is a vaginal orgasm during sex? ”

And that’s a very good question (and one I get asked a lot).

A vaginal orgasm during intercourse is an orgasm you give your woman without touching her clitoris. In other words, you are thrusting in and out of your woman (in any position you like) and she has a powerful climax.

Most women have never had th

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