How Clean House Can Help You Clean Up Your home

If you’ve ever seen the show Clean House, you are probably amazed at the wonderful things they can make happen in a home with only a limited amount of money. They take some of the greatest cluttered homes (in the Los Angeles area) and help these homeowners clean up.

Often there are personal reasons why the home got so out of control. Sometimes people carry emotional baggage that leads to the clutter and mess in their homes. Whatever the reason, Clean House helps them get rid of their junk and sell it in a yard sale to make money for renovations.
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The show also matches the yard sale money, up to $1,000.

Watching the show can be entertaining but you can also use it as inspiration to help you clean up your house- even if your mess isn’t bad enough to get you qualified for the show.

Does your house tend to fill up with clutter? Do you have an overflowing garage, storage shed, attic or other room of your home? Do you have stacks or piles of things that you never use or that have been packed away for years?

Chances are, if it’s collecting dust in your home, it could be serving a better purpose. Clean House can help you clean up your home by giving you the inspiration to make changes in your lifestyle and within your home to have a neater, more organized home.

When your space is messy or cluttered, it leads to stress. Whether it’s one room in your home or the entire house, it’s time to make some changes for a cleaner house. Another way that Clean House can help you clean up your home is with the organization and design inspiration.

Once you see what they are able to do for other homes with just a limited budget, it can help you get the inspiration you need for making the same positive changes in your home. Could you be using your space more efficiently? Is your décor cluttered with many different styles or décor that doesn’t really suit who you are? Clean House can give you the information and the inspiration to make these changes in your home and in your life.

You can see new episodes of Clean House on Wednesdays at 10E/9C and past episodes are replayed several times a week. You can also visit the website with full cast bios, videos and photos from episodes or to sign up for an episode if you live in the Los Angeles area.

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