Do Your Car DVD Players Have Illegal Software Installed?

Anybody who sells China car DVD players online, either through eBay or one of the eBay alternatives, or through their own online store knows what a cash cow it is.

But could there be a problem with the GPS car DVD players that they are selling?

There aren’t many electronics that don’t come from China these days and China-branded electronics always come at a cheaper price than comparable brand name products.

Essentially, if you buy something like a brand name automotive DVD player then there’s a good chance half of the price that you’re shelling out is for the name itself.

Take, for example a 2DIN car DVD with touchscreen. A brand name unit will set you back approximately 600 dollars US while something similar from a China brand supplier won’t even cost you 240 US dollars.

Both come with the same warranties and features. The only difference is the name.

That’s some price on a name.

It’s unfortunate then that GPS car DVD players come bundled with a really big problem which will leave your customers stranded and customs officials asking you some fairly big questions.

Some of the car DVD players with GPS from China are sold with cracked or sample software.

What is worse is that some of the more unscrupulous online suppliers are a little reluctant to tell their customers that when it comes to GPS software they aren’t getting the real thing.

This is a massive problem for anybody who buys these car DVDs as they can often be left stranded by software because they are unable to download updates or find themselves without it when they need it most.

It is bad for your business to sell illegal software.
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You to can feel the ill effects of inadvertently selling products with cracked software.

Not only are you going to have to deal with angry customers who are left in the lurch because they can’t update their GPS software you will have to deal with a whole lot of bad PR. You might even find yourself facing a lawsuit to boot.

So how do you find out if your supplier is sending you car DVD players with cracked GPS software?

Essentially you should only buy GPS-ready car DVD players from a supplier who offers a 12 month warranty and Quality Control check to protect you and your customers from cracked software.

However if you think you, or your customer has gotten a car DVD with cracked GPS software, just email software’s serial number to the software provider’s customer service department to make sure that you have indeed got the real thing.

Remember, your supplier’s reputation and customer service is crucial to your reputation and customer service so don’t be afraid to make sure that you are really getting the GPS software you are promised

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