Firearms Training for Close Protection Officers

The earliest known evidence of guns comes from China. A statue dating from the 12th century was found in a cave in Sichuan. This statue depicts a figure carrying a vase-shaped bombard with flames and a cannonball coming out of it. The oldest actual gun that has been found was from 1288. Firearms didn’t make it to the west until the 14th century but then they quickly spread and the entire world had firearms by the 16th century.

Since this time firearms have increasingly become the weapon of choice for most dangerous situation and have made other weaponry obsolete. Firearms has become a term which refers to everything from a pistol to a nuclear weapon. Guns are presently being used in war zones all around the world even localised gang wars in western countries like America which suffered over 3000 gun deaths in 2009.

If you are interested in becoming a close protection officer then you will need to have a good grasp of firearms, although probably not the nuclear ones!
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You will need to be proficient in the use of firearms and also how to counter there use against you.

Any good close protection course will provide you with firearms training this should involve tactical weapons training pistol CQB and Night shooting and vehicle extraction. This is particularly important if you will be working or travelling in a hostile or hazardous environment but even if you are working in a western country you will need to be aware how to deal with the threat of firearms.

Even with this training it can be a massive plus to have operational experience in an environment in which firearms have been deployed. This is why many close protection officers are ex members of the military. If you don’t have previous operational experience don’t worry this doesn’t preclude you from becoming a close protection officer it just means you will probably have to put extra effort into making sure you are up to date with firearms training. Good courses will also often provide role-playing situations which can help give you a feel for an operational situation.

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