Guide to Gas Training and Best Gas Courses

There are many reasons to choose a career as a gas engineer and take a one of the many available gas courses. The first of which is that gas training courses are required in leading to obtaining a gas safety certification. It is perfect for anyone who has little or no previous experience of wanting gas certification.

One can choose between taking a full time intensive gas course or alternatively attend a part-time course at a a more gradual pace. Once you’ve completed the training you can either become your own boss and work for yourself or choose to work for a reputable Gas Safe Registered company. The fact that there is a wide range of means you can learn at your own pace depending on your current circumstances.

Once you have completed the gas engineer courses, many students decide to take the EAL Part P Domestic Installers qualification which enables to take their training further. If a student is looking to go down this route then they should also have practical and theoretical knowledge of electric work. This allows students who complete both courses successfully with a great starting platform and provide them the ability to undertake domestic installations correctly and safely and within the regulations.

One may also consider attaining a certified plumbing qualification by taking both the NVQ2 in plumbing together with one of the gas courses. This will mean that as a student, you will have the practical experience AND theoretical knowledge of plumbing.
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This allows students who have successfully completed the gas certification course with a great platform for a secure and prosperous career in both plumbing and the gas sector. However, it is still considered essential that a plumbing certification along side a gas career is thought to be incredibly useful in that it should add a lot more skills and more qualifications as they continue to gain experience and further their career within the industry.

Once you have completed the courses in gas training and the NVQ2 plumbing certification then there are many different jobs and opportunities available to you in the industry, below are just a few of the type of work that will be available, for example:

Unvented Hot Water Storage Systems
WRAS Water Regulations
Part L Energy Efficiency
Solar Domestic Hot Water Heating
Part P – NICEIC Domestic Installer Scheme Qualification
Electrical Inspection and Testing – City & Guilds 2392 & 2391

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